Christian SexChristian sex beliefs can and will vary from individual to individual. There are sex beliefs which may be right for some while others may consider them to be wrong or even sinful. Because of this, how would you know what is truly right and what is not when it comes to Christian sex? And once you’ve made the choice of what to believe, would you be able to effectively live by those beliefs?

Christian Sex Is Not A Sin

Here’s your first option. Try listening to the different views and open your mind to both sides. Know that Christianity is a vast body and though there is a common reference used by all Christians, the Bible, interpretations of its contents differs from one Christian sect to another, and even among believers in the same sect. Certainly there are some absolutes, but in reference to sex within the bounds of marriage, there is a lot of differing opinions. Sticking to one view without checking out other explanations can limit your Christian sexual life and lead to problems in your Christian marriage. There are instances where couples are led to believe that specific sexual positions and practices are sinful only to find out years later that the sexual positions in question are actually sound practices for Christians.

Christian Sex Guide? You’ve Got To Be Kidding!

Obtaining a good Christian sex guide could prove to be an excellent resource to have. Now I know what you may be thinking; “a sex manual for Christians?” “Isn’t that taboo, even sacrilegious?”  Before you jump to conclusions, I am not talking about anything pornographic in nature.  Even sexual positions can be illustrated in a tasteful fashion without compromising on Christian morals and standards. If you find it difficult to decide which sexual principles to apply, an appropriate sex guide for Christians will come in handy. Not only will it help in broadening your knowledge on sexual beliefs, it will also help you improve your sexual experiences, which is an important part of any marriage, even Christian marriage.

These sort of manuals and books offer wonderful tips and techniques for better Christian sex. There are lots of wonderful intimate techniques and ideas which are specifically intended for Christian couples. These ideas include discussions about the right positions as well as tricks and tips on setting the mood for an exciting intimate night with your partner. Without a doubt, your intimate sexual experience can improve a great deal with the kind of knowledge that these kind of readings offer.

After allowing yourself to be open to different views on the subject and reading a decent Christian sex manual, you would find that these are the two common denominators: safety and enjoyment. Sex for Christians should be safe and enjoyable. Safety is obviously a needed consideration in intimacy while a couple’s sex life is meant to be enjoyable in nature.

Christian Sex Involves Communication

Speaking of enjoyment, a married Christian couple is advised to communicate about their likes and dislikes. Communication is vital to any kind of relationship especially to a marriage. A relationship with open communication brings the couple closer with one another. In terms of sexual conversations, a good subject to ponder on are the aspects of sexual intimacy which are preferable and those that are not. This will help in better understanding your partner’s sexual needs, likes and dislikes.

There is a saying that goes like this: “A mind and a parachute are a lot alike.  The both must be open to work.” You would likely be hard pressed to find a Christian couple who does not wish to improve their intimate moments and sexual routines. It’s just normal for married couples to have those desires. Just remember you can experience satisfying and fulfilling Christian sex without putting your Christian beliefs aside.