Sex Games For Christian Couples

Using Sex Games To Spice Up Your Sex Life

sex gamesA great way to spice up a declining sex life and keep the marriage bond stronger is through the use of fun and intimate sex games. Between two consenting married adults, sex is a wonderful, intimate, healthy activity. Sex is not only an expression of love but is also a special force that helps nourish a marital bond. However, sex can get to be stale and even boring sometimes, which is why every couple should be proactive in finding creative ways to keep their spiritual, emotional and physical desire for each other burning all the time.

Christian Couples Sex Games

Many Christians might find the terminology, “sex games” not in sync with their religious beliefs, but this  actually need not be a problem as intimate sex games are not always “dirty”.  In fact, there is a wide range of healthy and wholesome games that Christian couples can incorporate into their sexual repertoire to add a dose of excitement into their sex life. The build up of arousal and anticipation that result from participation in sexually suggestive games will greatly enhance any lovemaking session and keep the sexual relationship from becoming mundane or boring.

Couples who feel guilty about using sex toys can try using board or card games that are designed to help increase intimacy between Christian couples and promote sexual freedom and exploration within the relationship.  Sex games can be as literal as actual well known games – with a little sexy twist to its rules and regulations. Examples are board games like Scrabble that allows only sexy words; and adults-only spin-the-bottle, with “consequences” that involve romantic treats and answering to intimate questions.

Role playing or reenacting a love scene in a movie is also another great way to fire up the body. Couples can opt to watch intimate scenes together and perhaps come up with their own story or scene and act it out.

Adding a little variation to their routine can also result in unexpected excitement. Instead of making love in the marital bed, a couple can explore other places like the bathroom, kitchen counter or table, or couch for their next rendezvous. They can also opt to hold a picnic in a romantic spot, schedule some “couple time” in a local hotel, or flirt with each other during a fun and wet car wash session.

Using props or costumes may help set the mood for love making. With a little imagination, couples can find some not-so innocent uses for ordinary items in the house. For example, the man can play saxophone music, blindfold his wife, and feed her strawberries. As you can see, sex games do not have to be vulgar or offensive to Christians.

Sex Games & Teasers

100GreatSexGames_3Sex games need not always involve the sexual act itself. Couples can also use sexy teasers to thrill each other without having to take their clothes off. Note that these are not merely preliminaries to the main event; they can stand on their own as a way to share some laughs, and to make their partners feel good and confident about themselves.

During breakfast, the husband can steal his spouse a secret smile that they both recognize as a promise to a romantic treat. Many experts agree that flirting with your better half is a fun way to reassure your spouse of your unwavering love and affection.  Continue the game even without each other’s company. Leave love notes she may find around the house. Send sexy text messages while he’s at work.

If a couple is in the middle of something as mundane as grocery shopping, the wife can allude to the fact that she’s not wearing underwear, and say it’s just a little preparation for the sensual session ahead.
After an especially tiring day, couples can take turns giving each other slow, sensual massages. They can use aromatic oils or light up some candles to make the moment more relaxing. Full-body massages not only lifts the stresses and tensions of the day, they’re also a romantic treat to make each other feel pampered and loved.

Like sex games, sexy teasers can also help enhance a couple’s sexual activities and can help nourish their marital bond.

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