Sex Advice for Newlyweds

newlywedsOf all the benefits of marriage, sex has to be one of the best. That’s not because it finally provides an outlet for you (as a Christian) to enjoy and please your spouse under the patronage of God. It’s because, in a Christian marriage, sex can be a unifying experience that provides both parties with the knowledge that they are creating a loving relationship with themselves and fostering a relationship with their mutual savior. Oftentimes, sex will be swept under the rug, but there’s nothing wrong with healthy sex in a  Christian marriage. God designed our bodies with the undeniable ability to give and receive pleasure in a fulfilling and intimate way.  God has directed your path to the one you just married and He will continue to direct the two paths He brought together and now merged into one.

In large part, Christianity has offered little advice about how married Christians should engage in sex. With the explosion of knowledge we now enjoy via the Internet, advice is easier to come by, but finding the right advice can be tricky at times. It is not after all something that is spoken about thoroughly during sermons or one-on-one sessions with your pastor. Unfortunately, this leaves many Christian newlyweds left out of the loop. It can be hard to separate the concept of lasciviousness from the modern portrayals of sex. In a new Christian marriage, sex can sort of absorb those sinful, lusty concepts. You might find yourself approaching sex with a wary reluctance because it’s held this sort of negative specter for much of your life.

celebration-of-sex-newlywedsBut newlyweds should not have to feel ashamed of their sexual desire for their spouse. Indeed, desire is something ordained by God in Christian marriages. It should not be skirted around or not talked about. Newlyweds should feel open to anything when it comes to their relationship with their spouse. Of course, being a part of a newly christened marriage might still have some natural obstacles. After all, newlyweds who have kept themselves pure will likely not have any experience when it comes to sexual interaction.

What newlyweds should understand first and foremost is that there is no need to rush anything. If you don’t yet feel comfortable engaging in sexual intercourse with your spouse, then you shouldn’t feel pressured (by either unsaid expectations or your significant other). It’s important to let things evolve naturally and allow yourselves to ease into the right kind of intimacy. It’s also important to seek God’s face through prayer and scriptural study. In a Christian marriage, sex must incorporate biblical and godly principles otherwise it becomes an exercise in physical gratification. Pleasing your partner in a godly way will certainly be pleasing in the eyes of the Lord.

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