Is The Face Of Christian Sex Changing?

Mistress relationship: man and woman have a date secret.Christians are known as religious people or those who strictly follow the rules stated in their bible. These include adhering to the rules that the bible states when it comes to sex, which is the most interesting yet controversial topics not just in the world of Christians but in others as well. Christian sex has always been a topic in debates between the church and ordinary individuals.

What the Christian Bible Says

Although the Christian bible states that sex is a good thing and that it is naturally created by God to create babies, engaging in premarital sex and extramarital affairs, or adultery, is prohibited.

Genesis 1: 27-28 states, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. God blessed them and said to them, ‘Be fruitful and increase in number”. This simply means that the Christian bible or church does not believe that having sex is forbidden or that it can harm a couple’s walk with God. In fact, couples who do are blessed enough to have discovered the joy and satisfaction, as well as pleasure and closeness, brought about by having sex. All these, however, should be done under the sanctity of marriage.

Premarital Sex

In the world of Christianity, premarital sex is a big issue. And the big question that Christians are often faced with is “Why does the Christian church prohibit this?” According to the bible, people should avoid sexual immorality. They should learn how to take control of their body and to give in only to sexual practices that are considered honorable and holy.

Sex, as people know it, can be very tempting. Although being tempted is not considered a sin, giving into it definitely is. Religious couples who engage themselves with premarital sex are plagued with guilt every time they do it. They feel bad and sinful and they think they’re less religious after doing the act.

These days, however, there are now a lot of them that engage in premarital sex even if the bible says not to. It’s also slowly being accepted by the Christian community, probably not the Christian church as a whole, but for a lot of people. Today, premarital sex is not a new concept. It has, in fact, become quite normal.


Playful plumber flirting with young housewife at homeAdultery is another big issue that surrounds Christian sex. Adultery, or having sexual intercourse with another that is not one’s wife or husband, is considered immoral and sinful. Even the law prohibits this type of sexual activity and is considered a serious offense in many cultures.

As with premarital sex, adultery has also become prevalent in the Christian world. In fact, it is considered a major problem in Christian faith. Some research has shown that approximately 90% of Christian couples engage in adultery.

Christian men are having an alarmingly difficult time abstaining from the sexual sins of viewing pornography and committing adultery on their spouses, according to a new national survey. Tragically, married Christian men are failing miserably when it comes to these sins, as 55 percent look at pornography at least once a month and 35 percent cheated on their spouses in an extramarital affair.

Christian men more mature in age are not much better off than the previously mentioned younger group, as 77 percent of men ages 31 to 49 said they viewed pornography at work within the past few months, while 64 percent admit to looking at it at least once a month. The Barna survey also shows that 18 percent of these men are addicted to porn, with 8 percent indicating that they might be suffering from this addiction.

In a joint venture commissioned by Proven Men Ministries and conducted by the Barna Group, researchers found that 77 percent of Christian men between the ages of 18 and 30 view pornography at least monthly, and 36 percent look at it at least once a day. Thirty-two percent of these men admit having an addiction to porn, while 12 percent think they are.

Among born-again Christians, an extremely high 95 percent say that they have looked at pornography, with 54 percent indicating that they view it at least on a monthly basis and 44 percent admitting that they saw it at work within the past three months. Twenty-five percent of these firm believers confirm that they hide their Internet browsing history by erasing porn URLs on their computers and electronic devices. Also, about 18 percent of Christian men in this group of born-agains confess that they are addicted to porn, with 9 percent saying they could very well be hooked on the destructive graphic content.

Barna also found that figures for a nationally representative sample show that sexual sin is something with which Americans from all backgrounds struggle. It found that the same percentage of men in mainstream American commit adultery on their spouses (35 percent), with 17 percent of women engaging in extramarital affairs themselves. Also discovered in the recent survey is that 75 percent of men who admitted to cheating on their wives also confessed that they had more than one affair, with 31 percent of them saying they had more than five.

According to the Christian bible, God wants married couples to stay with each other for the rest of their lives. This is the main reason why church wedding or marriage is a big deal among Christians. Two people vow in front of God to stay married for life.

But as with premarital sex, adultery has also become prevalent. Couples submit to such sexual act for a lot of reasons. Some reason out that they’re no longer getting the kind of sexual satisfaction that they used to get from their partners. Some, however, are just open to trying casual sex while some just give in to temptation.

The way people see Christian sex has indeed changed a lot. Before, Christians were quite discrete when it came to engaging in premarital or extramarital affairs. These days, however, they’ve become much more open and free. For many of them, or even non-Christians, casual sex proves a person’s prowess in sex. They simply engage in sexual activities to confirm their abilities to copulate are still intact and to experience the satisfaction and pleasure that sex is able to give.

However, casual sex, be it premarital or adultery, fails to meet the deeper and more profound need for intimacy that sex between a loving Christian husband and wife can give.

Statistics credit: One News Now

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