Is Oral Sex a Sin?

Relaxing after oral sexAs you probably know by now, God intended sex to be between a man and a woman in the bonds of a sanctified marriage. In a Christian marriage, sex plays an integral role in creating the loving, passionate, and caring relationship that creates strong familial foundations. Under the ambrosial auspices of a God-centered marriage, couples can enjoy one another in mellifluous displays of intimacy and supreme romantic love. All of this, of course, is divinely warranted and encouraged. After all, the Bible speaks to the fact that a married couple is no longer comprised of two separate entities. It is, instead, an amalgamated single flesh in which husband belongs to wife and wife belongs to husband.

Certain problems can arise in the actual practice of making love in a Christian marriage. Many Christians might have questions about the types of permissible sex even though they are firmly entrenched in their sacred vows. Perhaps one of the most talked about forms of intimate sexual interaction involves oral sex. Indeed, it can leave certain Christian couples at a crossroads. It can be a great way for one spouse to receive pleasure from the other, but it has a sort of murky moral underpinning. Many Christians might be wary of engaging in oral sex if only because it might go against God’s word.

lickbylickIn reality, it only relies on personal convictions. There is no mention of oral sex in the Bible though some verses in Song of Solomon have been interpreted to make reference to the joys of oral sex and it can indeed be just as valid of a way to achieve sexual intimacy between two committed Christian lovers. If it is something that doesn’t feel right to you, then you don’t have to engage in it. However, there is nothing that expressly prohibits oral sex in any book of the Bible. It can lead to a dangerous precedent if it is performed merely as a means to achieve personal satisfaction. If there is no mutual affection during the course of any sexual experience, then you can more or less be certain that God isn’t in that anywhere.

Even so, deriving pleasure and intimacy from any sexual interaction can be beneficial to all marriages. If your sexual practices happen to exist outside the “mainstream,” it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are bad. Again, sexual coercion, in any fashion, is likely not the way to go about having meaningful, spiritual sexual experiences. When both partners find the experience enjoyable, then it is sure to also be pleasing in the eyes of the Lord.

blowbyblowMy wife and I certainly are of the belief that oral sex is perfectly acceptable in the eyes of God and have, as many of you, enjoyed all the ecstasies that oral sex can bring.  Fellatio, when performed on a man and cunnilingus, when performed on a woman, can strengthen the marital bonds even more as you make yourself totally vulnerable to your partner.  What a beautiful act of submission, service and love for your spouse!

Michael Webb, one of America’s best known relationship experts has a couple of books specifically directed at the subject of oral sex.  I think I can speak for my wife when I say that we have both enjoyed the tips and insights put forth in Lick By Lick and Blow By Blow.  I thought I was doing everything right…I mean, she never complained.  But I remember the first night that I surprised her.  I know she does too!  Surprise your spouse tonight…

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