Enjoying Healthy Christian Sexuality

Healthy Christian Sexuality

Many couples are having an increasingly difficult time achieving a strong and healthy Christian sexuality. More couples than one might imagine, do not even openly discuss sex with each other while others, because of their busy lifestyle, hardly have any time to be sexually intimate with their partner. Consequently, they are also forgetting one of the most integral aspects of a happy and fulfilling marriage.

While it can be said that sex is not the only thing that matters in a relationship, couples should also keep in mind that sex is also very essential to keep their marital bond strong. Even the Christian Bible states that sex was created by God not only for reproduction but also for a man and his wife to become one flesh, bonded to each other exclusively. Sex is something that couples should explore in depth to spice up their life and strengthen their marital bond. Through sex, couples are able to discover more about themselves and each other, physically, emotionally, intimately and achieve heightened levels of pleasure and satisfaction.

Spicing Up a Marriage through Sex

How can a couple enhance their sex life and awaken their sexual desire for each other?

Learning about how to enhance one’s sex life is not rocket science. Thus, there is not any exact or strict rule that should be followed by a couple to achieve fulfilling sex. In fact, there are numerous ways that couples can explore to revive their sexual intimacy with their partner and have a vibrant, exciting and healthy sex life. Here are a few you should consider:

  • Try New Positions

As mentioned, sex is not a precise science and there is not any rule that says to stick to only one sex position. Couples should try to explore the different sex positions and discover the ones that could fulfill each other’s sexual needs. Aside from the missionary or woman on top positions, there are actually a lot (would you believe over 200?) more sexual positions that a couple might find more exciting and pleasurable.

  • Give More Time on Foreplay

Of course, couples should also not forget about pleasuring their partner with sensual, titillating foreplay. Foreplay helps get both parties excited for the main event.
There are also various ways that couples can explore to awaken their partner’s sexual desire. Women, for example, can dress up for sex to arouse their husband’s desire. Another good way for a couple to arouse each other’s desire is to caress each other and give each other good oral sex. Couples should also keep in mind that foreplay does not have to be limited to these. They can start “foreplay” through sending sexy text messages or sending sexy pictures through MMS.

  • Unexpected Sex and Indulging in Quickies

Couples need not and should not have to follow a rigid schedule for sex or require a schedule for engaging in sex. They might find it more exciting to have sex with their partner unexpectedly, maybe in the bathroom, while they are getting ready for work or perhaps on the kitchen table while preparing breakfast. They can also spice up their sex life by indulging in quickies during lunch hour or before leaving for work. Remember the song, “Afternoon Delight?”

  • Climax at the Same Time

This is something that is often overlooked in enhancing a couple’s sex life. Having a simultaneous orgasm can truly intensify the moment and can give couples a feeling of being one. Don’t think that this can’t be easily done. There are tips and techniques couples can learn to use to make this dream a reality.

  • Learn More About Sex through a Reputable Sex Guide

Another way for a couple to enhance the quality of their marriage is to learn more about it through various materials. Today, couples can find helpful videos or movies, as well as sex guide books designed to help couples spice up their sex life. The advent of Internet technology has also brought about helpful eBooks about sex. Such reputable sex guides address the importance of sex in a marriage and the different ways that couples can explore to have a strong and healthy Christian sexuality.

In addition to all these tips, couples should also understand that a fulfilling Christian sex life is built on mutual trust and respect. Without trust and respect for each other, sex alone can hardly be expected to give them a feeling of true satisfaction or fulfillment. Moreover, couples should also understand the importance of being able to talk about sex without inhibitions. Being able to talk about their sexual relationship, as well how they feel about it can significantly help them in achieving a healthy Christian sexuality.

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