“Sex Sells!”

I’m sure you have heard that expression many times both in the online and offline world.  While the statement certainly is true, this is not always a good thing.  Sex, as God created and intended it to be is a beautiful, intimate and sensual exchange between a man and a woman within in the confines of marriage, meant to deepen, strengthen and solidify the relationship, literally melding the two into one. But in many cases, sex has been taken far outside the guidelines set forth by our Creator.

For many people, “sex games” and “sex toys” have very negative connotations. This is quite expected as far too often these terms have been closely associated with things such as pornography, swapping and other activities that run contrary to Christian principles and beliefs.  However, within the confines of marriage, sex games and even sex toys can be used by a husband and wife to explore and enjoy their sex lives fully and completely without guilt or condemnation.

It is unfortunate, but many Christians couples settle for less fun, less excitement, less sensuality, less frequency and less intimacy in their lovemaking simply because of misguided teachings and beliefs about sex.  Some of these beliefs may be rooted way back in Childhood while others may stem from Christian cultural views on sexuality.  Both deserve a closer inspection in the light of God’s Word and you can find articles and resources on this site to help you take a second look at what is and is not acceptable sex practices between a husband and wife.

Sexual games and sex toys can be positive additions to a married couple’s love life. Games can include board and dice games designed specifically to enhance sexual excitement as well as commonly known card games with certain rule changes or payoffs, such as strip poker where the loser must remove one piece of clothing with each losing hand. Once all clothes are off the couple could instigate sexual favors as a way of building excitement for a passionate night of lovemaking. Scrabble could be played with the rule being only sexually suggestive words can be formed. Take your favorite game and with just a little imagination I’m sure you could come up with some sexually inticing rule changes to spice up the evening with your spouse.

I am also listing some fun bedroom games here which can greatly enhance a couple’s sex life without compromising their Christian principles. We have made every effort to select these games carefully so as not to be offensive, but should you purchase an item and find it to be pornographic or flagrantly non-Christian, please write to me and let me know.

Sex Games For Christian Couples


Behind Closed DoorsAs the name suggests, this is a game you will definitely want to play Behind Closed Doors.  Get ready for an evening of passion. Some romantic music and soft lighting will set the mood add to the experience.

The contents of this game include the game board, 25  sexual position cards, 25 item cards, 25 foreplay cards, 2 game tokens, and one die. As players make their way around the game board, they collect cards from all three categories.  You can imagine the excitement building as you reflect on each card that you pick up in anticipation of what is coming.

Be the first player to reach the winner’s circle and get ready to cash in big. It is time for you to collect on all the cards you have in your possession.  Hope you’re ready for some adventure.  This will definitely not be another mundane night of lovemaking!


The Bedroom GameFor couples who wish to be a little more daring and explore their hidden desires and fun fantasies, The Bedroom Game could be just what you have been looking for.

The game consists of one die and ninety unique activity cards which fall in one of six categories: Sex & Positions; Teasing, Tickling & Seduction; Edibles & Body Toppings; Role Play & Fantasy; Foreplay & Romance; Bondage & Fetish. ( Now I know you may be thinking that bondage sure doesn’t sound like anything close to being inline with Christian principles and I might be inclined to agree with you if it is taken in the context of sadism and masochism as is often the case, but lovingly and playfully between a husband and wife it could be fun.  But if you object, just take those cards out and toss them!)

Play begins with the roll of the die.  The player chooses a card from the color coordinated deck and performs the activity designated on the card.  Then play continues with your spouse rolling next.  I suspect it would be a challenge to get through very many of the cards before giving in to the passion.  And who knows what hidden desires may surface in the process?  Many nights of fun and pleasure await you!


Sex GamesHave you ever turned your bathtub into an island paradise?  Soft candlelight. Floating petals. Towels laid out on the floor representing your own private beach.  Well, if you are up for a little adventure, get ready for a trip to Pleasure Island where fantasy, pleasure, romance and passion await.

This sensual game consists of the game board, two player tokens, one die, 22 pleasure chest cards and 22 prisoner of love cards.  The die is rolled and game tokens moved.  Each square has an activity that must be performed before your partner takes their turn.  If you land on a Pleasure Chest or Prisoner of Love square, you draw a corresponding card from the deck and perform the activity listed on the card.  The first player to reach the X can choose to continue the game by picking two cards from each deck and performing those activities, or ….  well, I probably don’t have to tell you.  Grab your boarding pass now for Pleasure Island!


Mystery Sex HeartRemember the “Magic 8 Ball?’  Perhaps you, like me actually had one when you were a kid.  You would ask it a question, give it a couple of shakes, turn it upside down and magically, there would be your answer.  I’m sure the thought never crossed your mind back then but wouldn’t it be cool if there was something very similar, but instead of answering a question it would suggest a sexual activity for you or your spouse to perform.  Talk about spontaneity and keeping things fresh!

Let me introduce you to The Mystery Sex Heart by Ball and Chain.  Just as the Magic Eight Ball had 20 possible answers, 10 positive, 5 negative and 5 non-committal, The Mystery Sex Heart has 20 possible suggestions, but guess what…you will likely find all of these super sexy suggestions to be positively positive!

Activities include: Tongue Bath, Massage Breast, Give Oral, Lick Nipples, Kiss Lips, Their Choice, Spank Me, French Kiss, Massage ?, Strip Tease, Woman On Top, Self-Pleasure, Rear Entry, 69, Your Choice, Booby Sex, Use Toy, Fondle ?, Role Play, & Receive Oral.  The Mystery Sex Heart is a unique and great way to spice up your sex life!


Get Naked DiceWe have all taken our turns at rolling the dice and sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.  But when you roll these special Get Naked Dice you will always come out a winner!  In fact, I bet you will find that rolling dice has never been quite so pleasurable.

Not a whole lot to this game, just two metal dice, but what I love about these dice is that one die describes an action and the second die describes a body part.  It’s easy to imagine where this could lead and with so many combinations you are not likely to get bored anytime soon.

Here’s a suggestion.  Before leaving for work in the morning, both you and your spouse give the dice a roll.  Then each of you have all day to anticipate the special treat that awaits that evening.  How about sending a sexy text message to your spouse describing just how you plan on fulfilling this activity?  Talk about building up anticipation and desire!  You are only limited by your imagination.  How big is yours?


Stairway To PleasureA sensual game of love, Stairway To Pleasure will spark your love life, if you let it.  This game is perfect for all couples, whether you are newly married or have been married for many years and simply looking for ways to expand and rejuvenate your sexual experiences.  The ultimate objective of this game is to relax, lose all inhibitions and completely enjoy the love between you and your spouse.

Stairway To Pleasure is comprised of the game board, fulfill my fantasy cards, truth or dare and embarrassing moments sections, a die, 2 playing markers, 1 candle, warming massage lotion and personal lubricant.  Most of us know how much fun can come from truth or dare but you should be prepared for some possible embarrassment.  Just remember, it is all in fun and your sex life should love the boost.