Christian Sex Guide: Building a Strong Marriage through Sex

The Importance of a Christian Sex Guide

Couple in love - happy relax at homeMost Christians do not engage in open discussion concerning their sex life. This is partly because most of them are brought up in a belief that sex is something that can only be enjoyed within the bounds of marriage, with the blessings of God. This upbringing, however, also affected the attitude of some Christian couples toward sex, not realizing the fact that sex is also an integral component of a healthy marriage life. Some Christian couples do not openly talk about it, thinking that it is taboo or not something that should be talked about. On the contrary, sex can keep the marital bond stronger. Thus for Christian couples wanting to revive or spice up their marriage life through sex, finding a Christian sex guide can significantly help them.  A good Christian sex book will help couples improve the quality of their sex life and understand the meaning of the act.

Sex for Christians and Spicing Up Marriage

500tips_3An effective sex guide for Christian couples would emphasize the most important rule in marital sex for maximum pleasure – marital faithfulness. This means that an individual will choose to share the delights of intimacy only with their spouse and no one else. The concept of exclusivity is one of the main sources of pleasure during sexual intimacy. Biblical commandments also indicate that one person is prohibited from engaging in group indulgence. In connection with this, casual sex is not encouraged either. Giving pleasure is not the sole reason that drives an individual or married couple to engage in sexual intimacy, or else it depletes the act off of its deeper essence.

The sexual encounter becomes a trusting territory for married couples who are part of a long-term and committed relationship. This explains why sex is often interchanged with the term “making love”. This activity extends beyond physical form of sexual pleasure and reaches the deepest level of intimacy. At this point, a couple also learns how to let go of performance anxiety and develop deeper trust for one another.

The concept of mutuality is another important component to enjoying more pleasure in marital sex. Men and women have different needs when it comes to their sexuality. Men, for instance, are more interested in exploration during sexual play. Meanwhile, women are more into the emotional connection that they can get from love making. For some couples, it could lead to brewing tension as they have to come up with a compromise that fulfills both needs. It is therefore important for either the husband or the wife to practice mutual submissiveness. It must be their goal to satisfy the others sexual needs and desires, which will prompt their partner to reciprocate that. This will result in mutual satisfaction of their desires and reinforce their bond as married couple.

In addition, most Christian sex guides also assert the importance of both the husband and the wife’s willingness to provide pleasure to their partner and that the couple should see this act as more of a pleasure than as a form of responsibility.  This is what the Scripture meant about the sacrament of marriage as “becoming one flesh”.

Christian couples should not view sex as a mechanical way to fulfill their partner’s sexual fantasies.  Sex is something that should be enjoyed and there’s definitely a lot of ways that a couple can enhance their sexual intimacy. A good Christian sex guide, for example, is one great tool that can help married couples enhance the quality of their marriage. Such guides help couples gain an understanding of the meaning of sex, and various ways on how to enhance their sexual fervor while strengthening their marital bond.

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