Even In A Christian Marriage

Sex Is Important


Have you ever felt an internal conflict, trying to align your sexual drive and desires with your Christian faith?   Have you ever questioned whether God would approve of anything other than the standard missionary position for sexual intercourse?  It’s not uncommon to have these questions and let me assure you that you are not alone.

Many will get upset and some may even get offended by a site that talks about Christian sex, but let’s be honest here; in every marriage, even in a Christian marriage, sex plays a vital role.  There is nothing to cringe about here, nothing to be ashamed of.  God created us as sexual beings and He is well aware of the sexual needs and desires of both men and women.

Christian Marriage SexTo many people however, sex for Christians is just something that should not be talked about.  The reasons for this can vary from person to person.  Maybe they are just embarrassed by the subject of sex.  Perhaps they are uncomfortable talking about sex on a personal level.  A joke here or there is fine, but to get into a detailed discussion concerning thoughts, attitudes, feelings and emotions, or even positions and techniques is quite a different story.

Even though sex is talked about much more openly today than at any other point in history, the subject is still taboo to a large percentage of the population.  Family values and ideas which were planted in us from earliest childhood affect our views on sexuality.  Religious training and beliefs can be another source of bias and confusion in our sexual lives.  With these thoughts in mind it is my sincere hope and prayer that you will not find yourself being angry or offended by a site that seeks to address these disparities and propose that better sex for Christians is not only possible, but indeed what God had in mind when He created us with sexual desires.

In A Christian Marriage Sex Should Be Exhilarating

Even in the Christian marriage, sex can and does often create problems.  Christian couples are not exempt from having difficulty with sexual intimacy.  When these problems are not discussed openly and honestly, it is much like leaving a ticking time bomb to explode at any moment with devastating effects.

Often time these problems are rooted in a misconception of what God’s Word does and does not say about the intimate sexual relationship between a Christian husband and wife.  God knows very well those desires which are common to the human race.  God intended for a husband and wife to share an intimate and passionate relationship reaching far beyond what is just simply satisfying…to the point of breathtaking Christian sex.

Discover What The Bible Says, And Does Not Say About Sex

If you find yourself desiring more passion, more intimacy, greater intensity and frequency in your Christian  sex life, I want to encourage you with the knowledge that you are not alone.  Many Christian couples have found themselves facing the same struggles.  There have also been many who have taken the resources found here and used them to overcome the problems with sexual intimacy that plagued their marriage.

You too can experience total sexual fulfillment…physically, emotionally and spiritually, the way God intended.

Christian Marriage SexOUR PROMISE TO YOU:

Every resource at this site is geared toward greatly enhancing the marriage relationship…Christian or otherwise.  You will find nothing offensive in nature here.  We will do nothing to violate your values or beliefs, nor ours as Christians.  Every product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Explore what we have to offer and restore the sexual intimacy back to your relationship, starting today.  Discover just how quickly your sex life can improve.

God Bless,
Christian marriage sex